BIMU Fair Milan


September 30 to October 04, 2014
Fiera Milano Strada Statale del Sempione, 28 – 20017 Rho (Milan), Italy

For the second time, HAMUEL Machine Tools successfully presented themselves at BIMU Fair in Milan, the most important trade fair for machine tools, robots, and au-tomation technology taking place in Italy in 2014. The HSTM 500 HD shown in a common booth with our Italian representatives B Studio – by the way the only machine for blade processing exhibited at the fair – met with great approval.

The extremely powerful milling spindle was in great demand, in particular so for components between 500 and 1,000 mm in length. Here, the proven 5-axes HSC-turning-milling centre with horizontal component arrangement could demonstrate its advantages. The HSTM-series is particularly suited for machining turbine and compressor blades, blisks, and other intricate turning-milling parts. Where the achievable accuracies and surface qualities are concerned, the HSTM exceeds the utmost demands of modern blade machining.

The HSTM 500 HD (HD = high damping) is equipped with a bed made from mineral cast, the ideal material to obtain the best vibration damping possible. Improved tool life, shorter machining times, and even better surface qualities are the advantages that become evident especially when processing highly intricate components from materials difficult to machine.

HAMUEL booth at B Studio with 5-axes HSC-turning-milling centre HSTM 500 HD

Component (turbine blade) clamped for machining