Development and design

The HAMUEL development and design department conforms to the latest state-of-the-art methods. Our designers, both male and female, have been given optimum training to enable them to develop entire machines, or machine components, and to complete the respective calculations for each. Many of our employees have stayed within our company ever since their apprenticeship.

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Our services

It goes without saying that our design department will be available to you also as an external service partner. HAMUEL develops and designs components, assemblies and machines for many renowned machine producers. In consultation with our customers, we handle the entire package of development, design, calculation and documentation. Therefore, we can likewise manufacture and assemble similar components designed for you.

Our equipment

  • 12 workstations Solid Works Version 2011
  • 2 workstations Siemens NX Version 7.5
  • 6 workstations FEM System
  • ANSYS, ABAQUS, RecurDyn, MathWorks