HAMUEL – a machine tool manufacturer with a wealth of experience from almost 100 years.

HAMUEL uses most modern MineralCasting to manufacture your components and supplies you with premium quality ready for installation. Benefit already at the development stage of your component from more than 30 years of experience in MineralCasting and from the manifest every-day micron-precision characteristic for our employees. We can provide you with the entire package of services for the manufacture of your high-quality products from one source.


MineralCast is a modern alternative to steel and cast iron. HAMUEL-MineralCast is built up with mineral fillers of various grain sizes and a special epoxy concrete and then highly compacted.
MineralCast-components already possess their final geometry for general types of installation when leaving the mould. Only high-precision surfaces will be produced afterwards.
MineralCast will improve the dynamic and thermal behavior of your machine.


Your cost advantage is a built-in feature in MineralCasts. Many types of MineralCasts don't "see" any machining. And if machining is necessary anyway, it will be possible within a considerably reduced time span, as up to 90 % of the functional surfaces, threads, and bores have already been included into the MineralCast. On top, there are the savings from the reduced installation efforts and the quicker availability of your machine.

MineralCasting will clearly reduce your machine's installation time. Moreover, the ease of integrating pipes or hoses for hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric functions into the MineralCast will reduce your overall lead time. In addition, any kind of adaptation work can be omitted, as the MineralCast components will be supplied at the precision required in the areas important to you.

MineralCasts will make your design freedom affordable. It will no longer be necessary to create important surface contours by expensive machining. Taking into consideration the technical aspects of MineralCasting, we will give entirely new options to the designer.